AALITRA is a national organization that promotes an interest in all aspects of literary translation. We sponsor public lectures and events on literary translation and hold periodic conferences with university bodies interested in the theory and practice of literary translation. We also distribute news of events, conferences and other initiatives relevant to translators. In addition, AALITRA publishes an online journal (The AALITRA Review) carrying peer-reviewed articles and translations. If you have an interest in literary translation, and especially world literature in translation, please consider joining AALITRA.

AALITRA is on Twitter. To keep up with our latest news and to hear more about literary translation from an Australian perspective, please follow us and tag us in a tweet if you’d like us to pass things on.


Committee Members

Jacqueline Dutton (President)

Rob Savage (Vice-President)

Meaghan Bruce (Secretary)

Cristina Savin (Treasurer)

Elizabeth Bryer

Elaine Lewis

Brian Nelson

Lilit Thwaites

Tim Cummins

Lintao Rick Qi

Alice Whitmore

Leah Gerber (Ex officio – Editor of The AALITRA Review)