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Membership Fees

           bib                                                                                                                  Cost of annual membership
 bb General Member (pro-rata). $36
 bbb Student Member (flat rate) $10
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Membership Fee Notes

  • General membership fees are pro-rated in monthly intervals as shown in the table below.
  • Students pay a flat rate of $10AUD, which covers the month you submit your application, until the following 30 June.
  • Membership fees are renewable on 1 July of every year, covering membership from 1 July of that year to 30 June of the following year. Current amounts are shown below.
  • Please note that membership fees are charged from the month you submit your application, not from when it is subsequently approved.

Pro rata fees for General Members:


** Members joining in June pay for the following full membership year and get the month of joining free


General Members…

“I want to pay for a full year, but it’s almost June. What should I do?”

You can pay for more than 12 months if you’d like – in fact, it is cheaper to do so! Simply look at the blue section of the table above, and refer to the current month. This will show you how many months are payable, and how much it will cost.


“Will my membership renew automatically? What if I forget to renew it?”

Your membership will not renew automatically. We will send you a reminder email in June so you can renew your membership!


“I have an existing membership. Do I have to pay extra now that the rates have changed?”

You can enjoy the full length of your paid membership before switching over to the new rates. We will inform you when your current membership is due to expire, and then you can renew your membership in accordance with the new pro rata fees.
How do I pay for my membership?
Please complete the digital form, and select the membership type and length of time you wish to purchase. Then, you will be prompted to pay through PayPal. Do not worry if you do not have a PayPal account: you can check out as a guest. Should you have any issues with the payment process, please email us at aalitra.australia@gmail.com.


Student Members…

So, it costs $10 no matter when I sign up?

Unlike general members, student membership is charged at a flat rate – regardless of whether you join in June or in January. Given that the cost of student membership is already significantly discounted, we have chosen to implement this as a flat rate, rather than being pro rata.


But doesn’t that mean that it is cheaper to join as a general member in the months of April and May?

You are correct! In these months, you are welcome to join as general member, and subsequently switch to a student membership.


I want to sign up for longer than 12 months. What can I do?

Unfortunately, student memberships only last for a maximum of 12 months. If you are still a student once the next July rolls around, you are welcome to sign up for another student membership.