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The AALITRA Review

The Australian Association for Literary Translation has its own peer-reviewed online journal, launched in March 2010. The AALITRA Review (ISSN 1838-1294) is published under the aegis of the National Library of Australia, from whose website it can be downloaded:

Journal homepage

Current issue (no. 10, May 2015)

Archive of all issues to date

Editor: Brigid Maher (La Trobe University)

Special Editorial Adviser: Brian Nelson (Monash University)

Editorial Advisory Board: Esther Allen (Baruch College, City University of New York), Harry Aveling (Monash University), Peter Bush (Barcelona), John Coetzee (University of Adelaide), Francis Jones (Newcastle University, UK), Nicholas Jose (University of Adelaide), Barbara McGilvray (Sydney), John Minford (Australian National University), Alyson Waters (Yale University), Kevin Windle (Australian National University).

The AALITRA Review publishes high-quality material concerned with literary translation, and translations of literary texts from other languages into English with a translator’s commentary. It hopes to foster a community of literary translators and to be a forum for lively debate concerning issues related to the translation of literary texts. All submissions are subject to anonymous peer review.

We welcome submissions in the following areas:

  • scholarly articles on aspects of translation (both practical and theoretical)
  • interviews with established translators or Translation Studies scholars on aspects of their work
  • book reviews of major Translation Studies publications and of literary translations (into English or of Australian writing into other languages)
  • original translations into English of poetry and prose accompanied by a translator’s commentary

We ask contributors to become a member of AALITRA for at least the year in which their piece is published.

Submissions, which must be prepared according to the Guidelines for Contributors, should be sent to Brigid Maher.