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Melbourne City of Literature: Residency Briefing in March

Courtesy of Melbourne City of Literature:

We are running a Residency Briefing in March to showcase some of the City of Literature network’s residency programs.

We are delighted to have our colleagues from Barcelona, Gothenburg, Granada, Heidelberg, Krakow, Ljubljana, Nanjing and Norwich presenting their unique residency programs.

Each of the participating Cities will introduce their residency, provide application information, what makes a successful resident and what residents get out of each residency experience. This will be followed up by a short Q&A.

This will be hosted by Alicia Sometimes, a local writer, poet and broadcaster (and a past virtual resident with Manchester City of Literature!)

The briefing will be held 1 March 2023 at 7pm. It will run on Zoom and be about 90 minutes and of course it is free!

Please register if you are interested as there are limited spots available.